In Residence

anonymous-personRalph McGaul

The Print Mill Residency
This work forms part of body of work from a residency at The Print Mill (78 Mill Street, Macclesfield) by local artist Ralph McGaul. The work draws on the history of silk printing and pattern making in Macclesfield and will lead on to the development of products such as silk scarves or wallpaper.

Although in the early stages of the project, displayed here are some of the patterns created so far. The two black and white patterns have been printed primarily as a means of testing out the method of block printing onto fabric. The technique involves using the block like a stamp, face down, repeatedly building up the pattern. They were inspired by drawings of the town, its houses and mills.

The source of inspiration for the colour pattern were the printing blocks themselves. They are beautiful objects in their own right, in particular Ralph draws inspiration from the colours used to paint the edges and the numbers and letters which have been painted with obvious pride.

Ralph is keen to keep the block printing connection, also resulting in the pattern being enhanced by the wood grain itself.

Further work will be developed using patterns in the Silk Museum’s archive for more inspiration. This may lead to some multi-layered patterns, using screen printing method.